Elkhart Camp Casey

A Nonviolent Campaign to End the War in Iraq

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tuesday, November 29

Tom and son Silas joined the two campers for the day. Another tent sprouted on the site. The construction firm building a new elementary school across Wolf loaned heavy construction stakes that held the tent in the strong winds. A sign, Camp Casey: a Nonviolent Campaign to End the War in Iraq, was tied to the front bushes at the Agape Church. Camp Casey visited the recruitment offices and talked extensively with two army recruiters who had been in Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither was familiar with the effects of depleted uranium weaponry on military personnel. The campers urged them to become familiar with those dangers that have been covered up. Several visitors and phone inquiries about the missing CPTers in Iraq interspersed the activities of the day.

Also on Tuesday: Marshall King, Elkhart Truth, did a phone interview. A Mennonite Seminary student stopped to encourage and visit. A house meeting with nine people at Juanita Shenk's. Cliff Kindy saw the video of the four missing CPTers and then received the email identifying them for the first time just as the meeting started. It was jarring.


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