Elkhart Camp Casey

A Nonviolent Campaign to End the War in Iraq

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dec. 6, Tuesday

Cliff spent three hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon at Central High School with about 350 students over four periods, to speak of experiences in Iraq. Army recruiters were at the school the same day to administer the armed forces battery of tests to 35 students, down from the total student body in years past. Between 11 AM and 12:30 PM, up to 25 persons gathered at 500 N. Napannee St. to plant crosses honoring the 2,100 plus U.S. military people who have died in the Iraq war.

As we raised our banner, "Stop Recruiting For Death, Students get Opt-out Forms, End Iraq War," for motorists to see, city police appeared and specified that we were allowed to stay on the location for only one hour. After planting all 2100 plus crosses the group gathered for a short worship. The group sang a song and Biff Weidman led the group in prayers for our witness to end the war.

Police, in response to the land-owner's request, required us to move our vehicles to another location. The owner also refused to allow us entry to deliver letters to the recruiters' offices.

Fox channel 28, did an interview at Camp Casey about the earlier witness at the recruiting station. The reporter gave a sincere hug and "Thanks for your faith!"

Jeff stopped to request money for food. Camp Casey offered space in the tents and gave Jeff some soup, bread and peanut butter which they had on hand.

At 6:30, Faith House in Goshen hosted Camp Casey along with about 15 others and had a discussion regarding the situation in Iraq.


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