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Friday, December 02, 2005

Thursday, December 1

After leading our worship, Val Knickrehm returned home. Biff Weidman stopped by to invite Cliff to join the men's prayer gathering at Emmaous House across Benham Ave., a short distance from Camp Casey on Friday at 6 AM. While Juanita was off site for a time, Cliff did a lengthy interview with a reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio.

Mid-afternoon Cliff and Juanita drove to Concord High School. They spoke with Judy Miller in the Concord District Administrative office regarding availability of the option for students and parents to remove the student's name from the military recruitors' lists of students to contact. After seeing a copy of the form for the first time, the secretary offered to make copies and see that they were available in the guidance counselor's office for students who might request them. We attempted, unsuccessfully, to visit the guidance counselor, Mrs. Cocanour, and left her a message. We learned that literature regarding alternatives to the military, could be placed alongside other types of information for students to pick up.

Back at Camp Casey, more time was spent on phone contacts. Student leaders at local Mennonite churches are eager to help educate fellow students about "opting out."

A photographer, Ariel, from Spanish language local paper, "El Puente," came by and took pictures for an article. Rosanna McFadden crafted a sign to accompany the 42 crosses on the lawn at Camp Casey.

Mark Byler and daughter, Jasmin, stopped by for a visit. Juanita spent the night off-site.
--Juanita Shenk


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