Elkhart Camp Casey

A Nonviolent Campaign to End the War in Iraq

Friday, December 02, 2005

Wednesday, November 30

Light snow fell early and Tom Benevento joined the two overnighters to go to Elkhart Central High School. The guidance counselor said only two of 1700 students have selected to remove their names from the list that goes to recruiters. The counselor urged trying to get students to take the initiative on this issue and also offered to let the social studies department know of Cliff's willingness to speak about Iraq.

Carol Rose called to encourage Camp Casey to brainstorm how to end the war by Christmas, based on the overwhelming media interest from three countries, focused on the four missing CPTers in Iraq. The CPT web site is receiving more hits in 15 minutes than, sometimes, weeks at a time. Reports are out that the Grand Mufti of Palestine, Hamas, the Muslim Scholars' Board, and Fatah have urged the group "hosting" the four missing CPTers in Iraq not to hurt them because they are helping Palestinians and Iraqis.

Val Knickrehm came for the afternoon and overnight. The team put up 42 crosses in the Agape Church lawn representing the 42 Hoosier military personnel who have died in Iraq. Juanita and Cliff joined the Agape congregation for a Bible study in the evening. Pastor Brown said it would be fine to have a nonviolence training at the church next Thursday evening.


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